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Reedhall Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

Committed to preserving Health, Type and Temperament 

At Reedhall Bulldogs and French Bulldogs (formerly known as Bulls d'Isengard) we are dedicated to preserving the Health, Type and Temperament of the Bulldog and French Bulldog. We are striving to produce better generations through regular health testing of our breeding dogs, participating in conformation events sanctioned by the Canadian Kennel Club, temperament testing and implementing Puppy Culture protocol when raising our litters. 
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About Us

We are small in-home, Preservation Breeders of Bulldogs and French Bulldogs, currently being mentored under some of the most well known and respected Bulldog Breeders/Exhibitors in Canada. 
With over 15 years combined experience in whelping and raising a handful of other breeds, our true passion is for the Bulldogs, both English and French. We enjoy showing in conformation events, and spending time at our property with our Bulldogs, Mastiffs, and array of Parrots, Poultry and Piggy. We also enjoy gardening, art, antiques, fishing and hunting, derby, racing and tinkering. 
We are pleased to be part of keeping the Heritage of Bulldogs and French Bulldogs, alive, and are striving to breed better Bulldogs for the next generations to enjoy. Health testing is an important part of our program. We utilize both DNA testing for genetic diseases prevalent in our breeds, and clinical testing, certified through OFA. 
We do not partake in breeding for any form of exaggerated features such as excessive wrinkling, "big rope" or shorter back and legs. We also do not breed for nor condone the breeding of unrecognized colours or patterns such as: Dilute (Blue), Black and Tan, Tri Colour, Liver (Chocolate), Lilac, Isabella, Solid Black (with no trace of brindle), Merle, Pink or other coat types such as fluffy, hairless, curly, wire haired etc. These colours are not recognized by the Breed Clubs and are found undesirable and/or created by crossbreeding.
We are proud members of the FBFC (French Bulldog Fanciers of Canada), BCC (Bulldog Club of Canada) and CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)

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